The Third Step to Renovation Success: Get a Written Contract

Over the last few weeks, we have discussed how crucial planning is to your renovation’s success and the importance of hiring a RenoMark™ renovator. In this blog post, we’ll review why having a written contract is an absolute necessity for every home renovation project.

When you’ve made your decision to hire a contractor, get the details in writing before any work begins.

In “Read Before You Renovate,” Renomark advises homeowners to ensure all contracts include:

  • the precise scope of work;
  • the exact price, including a schedule of payments;
  • a reasonable timetable for completing work;
  • and any instructions for protecting parts of the house not under construction.

Iron out all the details before signing the contract.

Once construction begins, significant changes to the design plan or material choices can cause delays and incur added costs. If your renovator and design professional aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on procedures or materials, make sure the issues are resolved before the contract is signed.

At Monarch, you will receive copies of your approved final detailed plans, as well as documents outlining the exact products and services we provide.

Avoid renovators who offer to work without a contract to avoid a HST payment.

While it may be tempting to hire a renovator who is willing to work without a signed contract (and save you the HST), it should also serve as a red flag. The renovator may also not be paying provincial worker’s compensation coverage or carrying adequate insurance, leaving you at financial risk.

Read more about asking the right questions of your potential renovation contractor in Home Renovations — Don’t Get Hustled!


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