The Bold New Look of Caesarstone’s Dark Collection

Caesarstone’s new 2020 Dark Collection welcomes a contemporary trend in kitchen and bath design that embraces a bold tone.

From the classic luxury of Empira Black™ to the matte infinity of Piatto Black™ via the evocative patinas of rusted Oxidian™ and weathered Black Tempal™, the Dark Collection presents an intriguing range of captivating hues that bring warmth to the home and an emotional caress to the stone. All colours in the collection are enhanced by the new Natural Finish with a slight grain one can feel, bringing much warmth to its range–and adding extra depth to its textural darks.


Piatto Black

Piatto Black: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

Piatto Black is the ultimate dark. Its fine granular appearance is complemented by a textured finish; enhancing a deeper, more intense black. Highly durable, this captivating material guarantees the ease and care synonymous with all Caesarstone products.

Piatto Black: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

Piatto Black is designed with versatility in mind: from graphic islands to backsplashes for a grander statement. As a countertop it is used freely in both kitchens and bathrooms, beautifully accompanying monochrome cabinetry and tiles. Contemporary accents in the new dark kitchen include brass chrome and brushed copper finishes while larger co-ordinating surfaces include marble, medium to dark woodgrains and industrial concrete floors.


Oxidian: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

Transformed alloys such as bronze, steel and cast iron have woven a dramatic spell over contemporary design, fuelling our insatiable desire for metallic finishes while capturing the mysterious essence of alchemy.

Oxidian: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

As part of the Metropolitan Collection, Oxidian celebrates the industrial aesthetic of patina and the tactile experience of touch.

At home in urban apartments and residences, Oxidian combines well with other industrial materials like concrete and lumber, ideally complemented by gunmetal or black cabinetry, and with brushed steel or copper hardware.

Empira Black

Empira Black: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

A shift towards incorporating dark materials has influenced contemporary design. Black marble, in particular, has the power to express opulence and drama, yet remarkably, this timeless classic can also suggest the modest beauty of nature through the organic veining that discreetly traces its complex body.

Empira Black: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

With all the mystery of any dark stone, Empira Black has a dark base composed of rich, deep black beautified by fine white natural veins.

Empira Black adds a touch of luxury to kitchen and bath deisgns. Whether as a contrasting island silhouette or used all-over for an utterly stunning look, this memorable surface combines well with other high-end finishes, such as classic hardware, black lacquered cabinets or dark woods like walnut.

Black Tempal

Black Tempal: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

Part of Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection, Black Tempal has soft mineral deposits that give rise to a delicate, light veil of warm whites across the slab, in contrast to the sturdy black charcoal base. Its textured, complex industrial composition reflects a captivating interpretation of industrial travertine, with a finish that enhances the colour’s depth.

Black Tempal: Image courtesy of caesarstone.ca

Black Tempal’s organic essence can also be paired with humbler materials, from rough slate to raw concrete, accented by celadon tiles and handmade ceramics. Splashes of warm neutrals or brighter colours further animate the interior and juxtapose its dark shadows.

To learn more about incorporating these or other Caesarstone quartz surfaces into your new kitchen or bath design, contact the Monarch Kitchen Bath & Home showroom at 905-686-2001.