Ready to Renovate Your Condo? Choose Your Contractor Wisely

When introducing new products or services on this blog, we often reference renovations we’ve performed in the houses of our clients. The truth is, a substantial number of our clientele are condo owners, as well.

Renovating a condo is different than renovating a home.

Although renovating a house and a condo can have similar results, the actual renovation process can differ greatly.

Condominium corporations typically have rules that regulate renovations and the condo board outlines what can and cannot be touched during a renovation (ie. windows, corridors, mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical, bearing walls etc.).

You may be considering relocating a toilet or sink in your condo’s bath renovation, for instance, but the drains and supply lines are common elements between units and cannot be touched.

If they were to be moved, it may disrupt the plumbing and drainage for the entire building!

Condo renovations require a great deal of planning and coordination between the designer, the tradespeople, the condo corporation and the owner.

A well-executed condo renovation involves:

  • a design that not only pleases the owner but adheres to all building permits;
  • the use of experienced, licensed tradespeople;
  • managing noise levels and working only during designated hours so as not to disturb the neighbours;
  • finding proper parking and booking elevator time for the transport of supplies and materials;
  • effectively managing the removal of waste and construction debris.

With so many additional considerations involved, some contractors avoid condo renovations completely — Monarch Kitchen Bath & Home is not one of them!

Our design team has the experience to deal with the challenges of designing and renovating your condo unit and our entire team is committed to your complete satisfaction.

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