Help Monarch Support Local Families through the 31st Annual DRPS Food Drive: Drop off Non-Perishable Food Items Until December 22nd

Every December, we are overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of our clients and design team as they help us gather food for donation throughout our community.

This year, we invite you to join us once again as we celebrate the holiday season with our annual food drive in coordination with Durham Regional Police and their 31st Annual Food and Toy Drive.

The Durham Regional Police’s Annual Food and Toy Drive provides families in need in Durham Region with food and toys for the holiday season. Throughout the months of November and December local businesses, organizations and individuals donate food and toys, which are then picked up by volunteers, sorted and distributed to members of the community.

Each year, over a million people turn to food banks for help with more than one-third being children and youth.

Canada Food Bank User Statistics At a Glance

  • 34.1% of food bank users are children, while representing only 19.4% of the population
  • 48.1% are single adult households, while representing only 28.2% of the population
  • 57.4% are on social assistance or disability related supports
  • 1 in 8 are currently employed
  • 17.3% receive provincial disability support
  • 1 in 11 receive pension income
  • 18.3% are single parent households, while representing only 10.1% of the population
  • 6.8% are seniors

Support the Families in Your Community

Drop off these much-needed nonperishable food items at Monarch’s Pickering showroom by December 22nd.

Whole grain foods like oatmeal, barley, high-fibre cereals or whole-grain pasta contain plenty of fibre and are an excellent source of minerals like magnesium and iron.

Baby cereals and jarred baby foods make good donations since roughly one-third of Canadian food bank recipients are children.

Lean proteins from foods like canned tuna and chicken; plant proteins like peanut butter, beans, and lentils; or more complete proteins contained in other canned meats help in the maintenance of body tissue and contribute to a feeling of satiety.

Canned fruit is high in vitamin C and dietary fibre. Likewise, if they’re free of added salt and sugars, studies suggest that frozen and canned vegetables are often as good as fresh produce.

Milk alternatives like shelf stable milk, powdered milk, almond milk, and rice milk from the grocery store shelf contain vitamin D, vitamin A, and, most importantly, calcium.

If you’re planning to donate to a food bank directly, money is by far the best donation you can make. Financial donations give food banks the flexibility to buy fresh perishables for their hampers or load up on items they’re not getting enough of.

Visit the Monarch Kitchen & Bath showroom at 1020 Brock Road, Unit 6, in Pickering during normal business hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 905-686-2001.