2021 Home Design Trends

As we reach the end of the second month of 2021, Monarch designers are looking forward to the design trends that will take us into 2022.

After months of spending more time indoors, homeowners have begun redefining how they use the spaces in their homes.

Below, our designers walk us through what they believe will be the hottest trends for 2021 home design and beyond.

Home Office Space

2020 made working (and learning) at home the new normal. If you didn’t have a dedicated home office setup before March 2020, there’s a good chance you’ve modified your home in some way to accommodate multiple family members working/learning from home.


“Not only are more adults working from home but their children require comfortable workspaces for online learning,” says Monarch designer Marion Cuddie.


Some home office setups are temporary fixes but many of our clients have chosen to make better use of spare bedrooms, dining areas, and formal living rooms for the long term.

Column Fridge/Freezer

The trend continues in the kitchen, with homeowners searching for more elegant and efficient ways to manage food storage without compromising the overall design of their kitchen.


“Consumers are looking into full-height slimmer fridges – moving away from the two-door with the drawer-at-the-bottom model, and instead choosing to separate the fridge and freezer with column appliances,” says Monarch designer Chantal Miller.


“Columns are nice because you can now change up your design. You don’t need the fridge and freezer right next to each other anymore,” says Ali Shojaei of Caplan’s Appliances.


“We don’t like to lose windows or walkways and everyone wants the open concept and a lot of natural light but it also becomes a challenge when it comes to designing a space.

A window or walkway in the way of your design? No problem,” says Ali. “I’ve even heard of moving or covering a window costing more than the total cost of the column fridges.”

More Mudrooms / Front-Entrance Design Solutions

Grand entrances are being replaced with practical solutions to meet everyday needs. Organization starts the moment you step in the door.

“We’re seeing an increase in mudrooms,” says Marion. “With more kids in sports, gone are the days when equipment is dragged to the basement.”

Julie Ciampa Design

Mudrooms spaces with dedicated spaces or lockers for each child have become key for homeowners looking to keep their kids organized and their spaces tidy.


Elegant Solutions for Floor Vents/Wall Air Returns

One of the less attractive — but completely necessary — parts of home design has seen an upgrade in recent years. Aria Vent is a Canadian company serving a niche market: their patented products are the first and only modular air register system that can be adapted to any surface.

“Aria vents can be used on floors, tiles, and even on bath fans,” says Monarch designer Shelley Herbert.

Aria Vent

The air register, found in every room of a home, had not evolved with modular, minimalist design trends...Aria Vents are a stylish alternative to traditional (some might say “ugly”) grille vents. Our mission is to create thoughtful, innovative design products that are beautiful, functional and badass.”

Aria Vent

Colour Trends

“Blueish green or blue and green is a trend that is coming in strong for 2021,” says Monarch designer Sarah Holmstrom.

“In Durham Region, I see this trend in accent areas and even more in the new home offices, entertainment built-ins, library walls, and desk areas for younger members of the family.”

Benjamin Moore

Natural Wood Makes a Comeback

“Natural woods are very popular. In the cabinets, floors and even walls,” says Sarah. “We see this a lot in small accents and becoming larger in full wall elements.”

Hanley Development

Gold and Black

Also trending: Gold and black fixtures have become solid competition for chrome and stainless steel in the kitchen and bath.


Black fixtures can be paired with high-gloss materials for a bold luxurious vibe, or toned down with matte finishes, stone or wood accents. They can be used to easily create a mixed-metal look with brushed gold or brass fixtures.

AFT Construction


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