2020 Kitchen Design Trend: Choosing Wood Over White

While white kitchen cabinetry continues its popularity with homeowners, wood tones are slowing falling back into favour.

As we noted in a previous post, Houzz found 45% of homeowners surveyed in 2019 chose white cabinetry for their new kitchen design, with wood-tone cabinets collectively occupying the No. 2 position (22%).

Don’t worry, you can get the warmth of wood tones in your kitchen without reliving the 80s! Today’s wood cabinetry offers a more modern, contemporary feel.

Monarch designer Shelley Herbert finds the breakaway from white cabinetry refreshing, listing it as one of her favourite kitchen design trends for 2020.

Design/photos: Simple Interiors

I love combining smoked glass with wood, incorporating black and light materials. The breakaway from the white cabinetry is refreshing.

Shelley Herbert, Design Consultant, Monarch Kitchen Bath & Home
Design/photos: Simple Interiors

The mixing of materials and reflective surfaces injects a tiny bit of masculinity.

Design/photos: Simple Interiors

Breaking Away from White in Your New Kitchen

Using these designs as inspiration, Shelley styled a similar palette of materials from samples on hand in the Monarch showroom.

Design details

Countertop: Silestone (Eternal Noir)
Cabinetry by Miralis
Door 1: Shaker (Polyester, Fogo Harbour)
Door 2: Small Rail Shaker (Rough Chick, Tuxedo)
Door 3: Slab (Similacquer, Black Satin)
Glass: Bronzed Finish

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