2018 Kitchen Design Trends: What’s Hot So Far

Earlier this year, we reviewed some items kitchen design experts thought would be trending in 2018. As we head into the final few months of the year, let’s take a look at what’s actually been happening.

Here are some of the kitchen design ideas that pros, homeowners and Houzz say are taking off or still going strong.

White Kitchens

The all-white kitchen trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, when it comes to cabinets and backsplashes, white continues to top the favourite lists of remodeling homeowners.

From Houzz: “Survey-taking homeowners and pros say all-white everything is still the most common choice in practice, but when Houzz users are planning or daydreaming about their next projects as they’re scrolling through photos on the site, it’s mostly shades of blue and gray they covet.”

Is the all-white kitchen here to stay? Only time will tell.

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Homeowners drawn to open shelving love how it can make their kitchen look taller and airier. If you’d like to include it in your new kitchen, but want to maximize storage space, even a few shelves can draw the eye up and make a small space look bigger. If you’re committed to getting the full-out look, remember that more shelves mean more styling and maintenance to keep your kitchen from looking too busy. Consider grouping items by color, leaving some shelf space open and be sure to plan for plenty of sturdier, hidden space for bulky appliances and mismatched dishware.

Using a minimalist, or rustic vibe of wood and metal for open shelving is a good fit for transitional, contemporary and farmhouse kitchen styles.

Lots of Light for that Kitchen Workspace

Less of a trend and more of a kitchen necessity, good lighting continues to dominate the wish lists of homeowners doing kitchen renovations.

While adding more natural light is preferable, knocking down a dividing wall to open up the space, or installing another window to a room is not always possible. According to Houzz, statement pendants and sconces come in handy for illuminating an open shelf, and dramatic pendant lights and chandeliers are a popular way to add more light while testing out different trends, since they’re easy to replace or upgrade.

Shaker Cabinets

The versatility of basic shaker cabinets continues to make them a popular choice for many kitchens. Defined by their flat centre door panels and a clean raised-square frame, shaker cabinets’ popularity lies in their ability to look both traditional and modern. Their clean lines are like a blank slate, allowing designers to define the room’s look with hardware and other elements in the kitchen.

According to Houzz research, shaker cabinets remain the most popular cabinetry choice among all segments of homeowners.

Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

When it comes to quick fixes, swapping out cabinet pulls, light fixtures, faucets and other hardware is one of the easiest and most local places to try something new. Although oil-rubbed bronze and brass were recent must-haves, homeowners have become comfortable mixing metals, experimenting with a variety of metal finishes, including champagne brass and charcoal stainless.

Saved kitchen photos on Houzz.com from the past three months feature a mix of more golden brass hardware and darker bronzes, often set against the glint of stainless steel appliances. Interested in making this work in your kitchen? It only takes one element, like a pendant light, stool legs, or faucet with a different finish to help you avoid any matchy-matchy monotony and give your kitchen a bolder, lived-in edge. Just remember, incorporating too many different finishes in one space can feel busy, but adding two or three can make your design interesting and sophisticated.