20 More Reasons to Love Cambria Countertops

Earlier this year, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Cambria added 20 stunning new designs to its extensive countertop collection.

A few weeks ago, Cambria representative Katrina Frisoni stopped by Monarch to show us all 20 new designs. We’ve featured five of the 20 new designs below along with product suggestions to use in your new kitchen or bath designs.

If you’d like to see the Cambria samples in person, ask a member of Monarch’s design team to show them to you on your next scheduled visit.

Katrina Frisoni from Cambria

Why choose a Cambria countertop? 

Cambria’s natural quartz surfaces are durable, stain-resistant, stronger than granite and non-porous (NSF 51 Certified), making them as safe as stainless steel for food preparation.

With classic marbling, Colton adds a touch of timeless elegance to sleek, modern spaces.

Countertop: Cambria, Colton
Cabinetry: Urban Effects, Aura Door Style, Chill Melamine finish
Flooring: Urban Zebra, Look in Grey
Backsplash: Sarana Tile Decort Aria Gold

Light and yet substantial with a warm palette and the palest gray accents, Malvern provides a refined foundation on which to build a room where style and sophistication take center stage.

Countertop: Cambria, Malvern
Cabinetry: Miralis, Rough Chic Door Style Collection,
Brown Ash Knotty, Rustic Glaze Finish
Flooring: Centura Tile
Backsplash: Sarana Tile Back Splash Decort Arabian Night

Clovelly has expansive movement with rich warm veining that captivates the eye and beautifully contrasts and complements large blocks of color.

Countertop: Cambria, Clovelly
Cabinetry: Urban Effects, Deerhurst Door Style, Natural Walnut finish
Flooring: Urban Zebra, Look in Mud
Backsplash: Sarana Tile,VV Chevron in Dark Grey

The dark and dramatic charcoal gray surface of Charlestown is imprinted with meandering gray and white veining above faint black currents that ripple below the surface.

Countertop: Cambria, Charlestown
Cabinetry: Miralis, Tribeca Door Style, Painted finish in Collingwood
Flooring: Mannington Floors, Hilltop Trail, Variable Plank Size Blend
Backsplash: Centura Tile, Hexatile 7×8 Garden Grey \

Portrush features an elegant porcelain base crisscrossed with bold navy, gray, and black veins accompanied by finespun filaments and gleaming gold flakes.

Countertop: Cambria, Portrush
Cabinetry: Miralis, FENIX Providence Door Style in Felted Blue
Cabinetry: Miralis, Scott Door Style in Lago melamine finish
Hardware: Berenson Hardware in Brushed Brass

Cambria’s natural quartz surfaces are as safe as stainless steel for food preparation and never need sealing or polishing. To keep your Cambria countertop spotless, simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth and warm water, and mild soap if desired. It’s that easy!

All Cambria surfaces come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

To learn more about incorporating these or other Cambria quartz surfaces into your new kitchen or bath design, contact the Monarch Kitchen Bath & Home showroom at 905-686-2001.